Thursday, August 21, 2008

Politics and Other Funny Stories

I love it. John McCain doesn't know how many houses he owns. (I want to write LOL here, but I realize some of you may be old foggies like me and not know text message language, of which I barely have a grasp, but I know LOL is laughing out loud). I suspect McCain's handlers are having fits over this one and all the responses that say, in effect, no wonder he doesn't think the economy is in trouble. Bloggers with much more political savvy than I will have a heyday with this one, but I do like the Obama ad that shows the White House with the caption, "This is one house we don't want John McCain to live in" or something to that effect. I'm also delighted with the rumors he might choose Joe Lieberman as his running mate, because I think that would be a really dumb move on his part. Such fun to be a liberal these days!
Today was a work day--overslept, dragged myself to work but got lots done, had lunch with a good friend at a small restaurant I love, dinner with Betty at Pappa's Burgers, where the burgers are a half pound each--huge! I have half my blue cheese burger in the fridge for tomorrow.
Now I'm at work. Have drafted a newspaper column. My column that ran last week was about what is a university press and got more response than anything I've ever written. I've heard from other university presses, even out of Texas, and from independent publishers as well as individuals.
Today when I had lunch with Fred, my mentor, I sent him away with seven and a half chapters of my revised new novel. Tonight I'm trying to write a 150-word blurb about it that would make agents pant to represent me. Do you realize how hard that is to do? I drafted it and will let it sit until the deadline for submission to a blurb-writing seminar run by a branch of Sisters in Crime. I figure I might as well take advantage of all these learning opportunities, if I'm determined to be successful at writing mysteries. Hey, maybe then I can write an article about how a 70-year-old woman developed a new career.
I seem to be hearing of too many people who need prayers--a newborn infant with lung problems, a friend with an undiagnosed problem, a cancer victim who had a stroke. My prayer list is long, and it makes me count my blessings with good health for me and all those of my family.

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