Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Disappointing Day

I had thought my two oldest granddaughters would come spend a couple of days with me. When asked, they both said they wanted to come, and Jamie said this week, when they're out of day camp but not back in school, would be ideal. But he didn't call, and when I finally got hold of him to ask today he said Edie, five, had decided she didn't want to. I wasn't surprised--her parents both travel on business but they make sure their trips don't concide. I don't know that she's ever spent the night without one or the other of them, and when they're at my house, she usually ends up in bed with them. But Maddie came before and declared it was the most fun weekend she could remember. Now, she said she didn't want to come without Edie. Yes, I'm disappointed. I had made some plans, made out a grocery list, all that. But I agree with Jamie, better not to push it. I just told him when they wanted to come, I'd welcome them. I will have Jacob Saturday night, so that will do for my grandmother streak.
And my children's half-sister, child of my ex's second marriage, was due to stay at Jordan's tonight, on her way from California back to D.C. and law school, so Jordan was going to fix dinner, and I was looking forward to seeing Dylan. No word from Dylan (I wonder if she'll just show up at ten) and Jordan slept all day, doing away with a stomach bug. So I fixed some leftover chicken with blue cheese sauce (yum!), stir fried zucchini and mushrooms, and cut up a fruit salad. Really good, and now I'm full.
I also finished reading The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peeling Pie Society, and you know that feeling when you finish a book you've really been drawn into--I didn't want it to end. I wanted to keep reading about those people, so that's yet another disappointment.
Now I'm going back to work on my own book. I surely hope that's not disappointing.

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