Wednesday, August 06, 2008

A cool birthday

Today is Christian's birthday, and maybe the weather turned cool to honor him. When I left home to go to his birthday dinner, about 5:30, it was 89--what a blessing. And when I drove home tonight, I put the top down and sailed along in the twilight--somehow I love coming home from their house at dusk (I always want to be home by dark) with the top down. I can go back ways through tall tress and alongside creeks and parks, past some lovely homes. Jordan and Christian and two other couples are going to the Gulf Coast tomorrow for a few days. The trip, she says, is all about Jacob's first beach trip. I hope they love it.
I got some more things off my "recalled" list today. Earlier I took my hearing aids to the audiologist--they hadn't really been recalled, but he sent them off for a factory check-up, saying cheerily to me, "You won't miss them. You never wear them anyway." Today I took the car in to have the air bag sensor replaced and also confirmed an appointment for a consultation with the colonoscopy doctor. I'm slowly working my way down the list, though, of course, the biggie is what I am referring to as an "informational interiew" with the shoulder surgeon.
I'm on hold with the mystery again, telling myself I'm waiting to hear from the editor, which is, of course, fooling myself. I need to proceed, no matter what he says. Other things--bits and pieces--have kept me busy at my desk, but this should be a long weekend--Jordan and Christian gone, my neighbors on both sides, gone--I should get lots of work done.
I am editing a novel for the office that has completely charmed me, and I love working on it. So I'm not exactly idle. I am a much happier person when I am busy. As Jordan once tried to explain to Christian, "Mom doesn't hang out well." Tonight I got to their house at 6, and we "hung out" until 8, by which time I bolted my dinner down and rushed to get home before dark--but that was only part of the reason I rush. Jordan understands and loves me anyway, so it's okay.
For Christian's birthday, I gave him an IOU to a new wine cafe in town. Betty and I ate there last night and thoroughly enjoyed it, though much of the wine is pricey and the menu is limited--lots of designer pizza. Still, as Sue said to me, "It's a place where grownups go" as opposed to the singles bars frequented by the thirties crowd.
Got to go change some dinner reservations--my schedule next week is getting all mixed up.

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