Monday, August 04, 2008

Good news--and some not so good

In June I sent thirty pages of my mystery to a NY editor, an old acquaintance from Western Writers of America. I emailed him to ask for any suggestions on agents, and he said he's editing mysteries now, forget the agent for the time being, and send it to him. So I did, but it was right when I knew he was at the Western Writers convention, and since I hadn't heard from him I emailed today just to confirm that he had the pages and to tell him of my new web page. Since he had said to think in terms of three books, I ended with a cheerful note that I am six chapters into the second novel, which I've called No Neighborhood for Old Women--a shameless play on Cormac McCarthy's title. The editor thinks the second novel is a strong concept and strong title and should be first--which is really exciting, wonderful news, and I'm working tonight on an outline for him. But if it's first it means cannbilizing the first book to the point there would be little left. A small price to pay, I guess. But I'm excited, encouraged, all those things.
On the flip side, I'm seeing the downside of seventy. I know it's time for a colonoscopy (the thought is worse than the procedure) and I'm already into gearing up for extensive dental work, but tonight comes cheery word from my doctor that I have really really messed up my shoulder. Since it's not excruciating, just annoying, I told myself it was something minor that could be fixed with physical therapy. His words came as a shock. I will have to see a surgeon and find out what he recommends, what's involved, etc. Seventy, and I feel great, but the body seems to be falling apart--teeth, colonoscopy, shoulder. Bad things come in threes, so that should take care of it for, oh say ten years.
It's still beastly hot. My new rug and bed linens for the apartment have arrived, and I wanted to take the rug out there last night so I could unroll it. Then I realized if I took it myself, I'd have to drag it in the grass and dirt--not a good idea for a new rug. I was going to ask Jay (that handsome man!) to help, but it just seemed too hot. On the other hand, I don't think it would be good to let it stay rolled for two months until fall brings cooler weather. So I unrolled it in the guest room, where it matches absolutely nothing but sure does look pretty.
Back to the mystery and my gathering thoughts on it.

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