Sunday, August 03, 2008

Busting my buttons

I have a web page! It's up and running, and I'm excited. Please check it out at I know there are bugs in it--links that aren't live, mistitled pages, etc., but the wondereful friend who designed it has gone on vacation and those will have to wait. Meanwhile, most of it's there. I've discovered in the world of writing mysteries that having a web page is an essential--not that mine has a mystery on it yet, but I'm working on that.
Actually, with Julia Spencer Fleming out of the way for the time being, I am back to my own books. I finished Chapter 6 on the new novel last night and today began rereading the first mystery. You know what? It didn't sound bad to me at all, and I remembered things about the characters I'd forgotten. I read it with an eye to making revisions, but so far I've only tweaked a few details. I do think I'll add an epilogue, which will nicely take care of the character growth and change thing. Not exactly a hero's journey, but . . ..
It was forecast to be 107 today, so it was definitely a day not to stick my head out. I cooked in the morning--you'd be surprised how long it takes to make basil mayonnaise, but is it ever worth it! My basil was kind of puny, but Jay next door brought me a bunch so large it looked like a bouquet. Using the basil mayo, I shaped chicken burgers and put them in the fridge and set the table for tonight. Then I spent the rest of the day reading my writing and had a good long nap. I've had Scooby in all day, because it's just too hot for him to be outside.
Tonight the neighbors and Jordan came for supper (Christian and Jacob had an evening together). It was Susan's birthday a few days after mine, so we celebrated late--they had been out of town. Sue from the other side of my house joined us, and Jay had a harem. (Did I mention how good looking he is?) He seems to like his harem, though he said his manners got confused tonight--should he pass things first to Susan, his wife and the honoree, or to me, because I'm senior, or . . . . As usual, he was good-natured about doing the grilling, even in the heat, and we had chicken burgers on grilled bread with heirloom tomatoes and basil mayonnaise. It was a great combination. I've been wanting to try heirloom tomatoes since they're all the rage these days. So I put five in a sack at Central Market yesterday and weighed it--$11+ worth of tomatoes. I took all but two back and tried again--still outrageous but hey! this was a party. Sadly, I have to report they just tasted like tomatoes. I'm going back to buying those on the vine.
Scooby spent the evening in my office, and was very vocal by spells about wanting to be out with all of us, where he would, of course, have been an unbelievable pain--excited beyond belief. Now, he's sleeping at my feet and shows no interest in going anywhere but to his bed. I hope this doesn't mean he'll want to go out at 3 a.m.

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