Thursday, June 01, 2017

The Perfect Pajama Day

            The world cancelled today. A friend who was to come for coffee at 9:30 had to cancel. The friend who was going to lunch is down with sciatica. I stayed in my pjs all day, had a delightful day, and got lots done. Tuna for lunch, and a nap of course.

It amazes me that I learn so many new things daily, often simple things I’m ashamed to admit I didn’t know The other day I figured out how to order one box of tea from Amazon without subscribing to monthly deliveries—not rocket science. Today it was how to run a scan on my computer—the help desk at TCU told me that one, when I called about a suspicious email. I’ve had technical troubles anyway. Yesterday, the simple act of changing the battery in my remote mouse somehow discombobulated my entire computer. I think I loosened a connection, so I had to call Jacob to come out and crawl under my desk to check all the plugs. He fixed it. Today, I tried to print a short passage from my novella, and the printer insisted on printing the whole thing. I caught it after a few pages and cancelled it. But the silly machine had stored it and kept wanting to print it, no matter how many times I cancelled and turned off the printer. Each time I started, there came the last pages of the novella which meant it was going to print the whole thing. Finally, it corrected itself, but I wasted a whole lot of paper and ink.

Lovely dinner out tonight. It rained this afternoon, so the world was fresh and green and pretty. As we drove to dinner I saw one of the best rainbows I’ve ever seen. It went the complete arc from earth to earth and was full and distinct. I wanted to search for the pot of gold, which looked like it would be right at the location of our restaurant, but it wasn’t. Darn! We went to Cannon Chinese, which is in a tiny neighborhood of charming older houses that have survived urbanization.

Dinner with good friends Carol, Kathie, and Subie. Appetizers were wonderful, and I ate squid for the first time. But the entrees with five-spice seasoning got a bit spicy for me. It’s a place I’ll go back to but maybe order differently. And I truly enjoyed the company, a blend of old friends who have recently met each other.

Nice day. Busy weekend coming up with family here for Maddie’s graduation.

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