Saturday, June 03, 2017

The Best Kind of Day

Had half my family together today to celebrate Maddie’s graduation from Wakeland High School. We began the day with a sumptuous brunch at a Frisco spot that specializes in local and organic food. Eggs Florentine turned out not to be quite what I expected—baby spinach, but somehow I expected it to be cooked, and I really must learn that unless I ask my eggs will be harder than I like. The day was saved by a large side order of the best fried potatoes I’ve had in forever. Another surprise: I asked for green tea, and it came iced!

Graduation took up most of the day. We left the house at one and returned at seven, all tired out except for the sweet girl graduate who has gone on to parties. It’s no small feat to graduate 600 or so seniors, and Wakeland did a good job of it. They marched in, an endless procession, to “Pomp and Circumstance” which right away had me reaching for a Kleenex. Speeches were admirably short, and it was on to the business of presenting diplomas. There was no lagging in line, and it moved as fast as could be expected. Maddie was something like fourteenth, and after that I read on my iPhone. I’m sure her parents watched for all the kids they know, but I knew not a soul. The family sat up a level from the ground floor but thanks to Colin for keeping me company in the handicapped section.

The waitress snuck in. Do you know which one she is?
Afterwards there was the expected confusion of people milling around trying to find “their” graduate. We had taken my transport chair, which I almost never use anymore, because we figured there’d be a lot of standing around—and there was. I was constantly afraid that someone would back up into me and land in my lap. It didn’t happen. We did find Maddie and did some picture taking.

We started the day with food and ended it that way. An early supper at Babe’s, where I ate myself silly and I imagine the others did too. I kept thinking I don’t often get an opportunity to indulge that freely in bad-for-you but oh-so-good down-home cooking.

With her did and sister
It’s evening, Maddie has gone partying, and the rest of us are lazy and tired. The house is quieting down after a thoroughly good day.

And a note of pride: most graduates wore collars and ribbons of varying colors, each with some significance. I never did get an explanation of Maddie’s, but she graduated cum laude with special recognition for her achievements in sign language for the hearing impaired and a couple of other things, indicated by ribbons. She also had a heavy medal around her neck, but I never did hear what it’s for.

Her parents don’t face an empty nest though. Mel and Jamie will start high school all over again when fourteen-year-old Eden enters ninth grade. And, as daughter-in-law Lisa said to me today, “One grandchild down, six to go.”

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