Monday, June 12, 2017

My Kind of Happy Monday

No makeup, no shampoo, jeans and a T-shirt, fruit and chocolate cake for breakfast (I read somewhere that is healthy), leftover tuna for lunch. What more could one expect from a Monday?

It was also a productive day. I wrapped up the final draft of my next Oak Grove Mystery and sent it off to the printer to get hard copy for my beta reader and to the editor. Still a couple of details to finish, but it’s done, always a good feeling. One plot element I feel I left dangling but didn’t know what to do about—waiting for other eyes and minds. Roughed out a guest blog post on exercising from a wheelchair (just reminded myself to do my exercises for the day) and walked a bit in the driveway, holding on to Jordan. Every day it gets a little better.

Ready to start work on a new novel and already have the idea in mind. But I think I will give myself a couple of days to be lazy—to read, prowl through recipes, and the like. It’s hard to transition from the world and people of one novel to another.

This afternoon a dear friend of many years (notice how adroitly I avoided calling her an ‘old friend’ with the implication that we are both old) came by. She lives in a small town about an hour away, so our visits are special treats. We caught up over cups of tea and then went to Local Foods Kitchen to get our supper and bring it home—she had marinated shrimp, which she said was delicious (I’m allergic and can only look on with envy), and I had beef shepherd’s pie We shared vegetables—a Caesar Brussel sprouts salad, which I liked better than Linda did. She wanted the sprouts softened a bit by cooking; orange and beet salad, always delicious; and marinated cucumbers. I brought home egg salad for my lunch this week. It will do at least two days.

My rant for the day: I am enough of a snowflake, tree-hugger, yellow-dog Democrat, whatever term you want, that these days I cannot ever imagine marking my ballot for a Republican. But I get so frustrated with the Democrats and their “woe is me” attitude. I think particularly of Jon Osoff’s campaign in Georgia, one where his victory would send a strong message. But every plea for money that his team sends out is defeatist—his number are plummeting, his opponent is raising more money, the sky is falling. In truth, last I knew, he had a slim lead. I’d like to see a positive campaign that said, “We’re winning. Please get on our bandwagon and support Jon.” I’ve given to him, but I might be inclined to give more to a positive campaign. I don’t know a thing about Osoff, what his platform is, what his priorities are. All I know is he’s desperate for my money. Most discouraging. Rant over.

Hope yours was a happy Monday too.

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Randy Eickhoff said...

I agree with you in regard to your comment on the governors we have had in Texas. Perry is so stupid that his father even fired him so he went into politics. You know that's bad when your own father fires you. What ever LITTLE respect I MIGHT have had for Perry disappeared when he pretended to be a cheerleader at a Texas A&M game a couple years back. What (pardon my use of the word) shithead.