Tuesday, June 13, 2017

My internal clock and a lazy day

How’s your internal clock? Mine is a pain. Woke me at six this morning, because I knew I wanted to be ready to go at 8:15, which meant having hair washed and pretty much dried (I don’t use a dryer these days). I was up a bit before 6:30, rarin’ to go. A nap in the afternoon didn’t forestall the sleepiness that I feel tonight.

Breakfast with the Book Ladies, my group of women whose life work mostly has involved books—librarians, writers, booksellers, and the like. A few dedicated readers are in there too. Lots of talk about the movie Wonder Woman and how significant it is in this day when women’s status is once again threatened by a conservative (that’s putting it mildly) Federal and, in Texas, state government. But there was an upside for me: a good friend said she read my novella, The Color of Fear, and "wanted more." Someone else in the group had read The Gilded Cage and was interested enough to do some research about Potter and Cissy Palmer. She unearthed the fact that Potter’s will contained a strange codicil: to his wife’s second husband, should she remarry, he bequeathed a generous sum of money, with the explanation that the man “would need it.” Cissy Palmer never remarried.

I gave myself a vacation day today. Sorted through some clothing catalogs that had piled up on my desk and didn’t find anything I couldn’t live without, though I did find two choices for serviceable white pants for summer, something I need. Should I get loose and flowing or tight like leggings? Also went page-by-page through the most recent copy of Bon Appetit which had been sitting on my desk for some time. Found several recipes for my growing file.

I did odds and ends—finished a blog, did a couple of small things related to the next manuscript, but mostly I read—and had that nice long nap. I finished the novel I had up on my Kindle—Scheduled to Death by Mary Feliz. Enjoyed it—suspense picked up as I got into it and I was really hooked by the end. I have several titles in my online library yet to read—a plethora of blessings.

Tonight, a shower and then to read. Tomorrow I must get back to work again.

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