Wednesday, June 07, 2017

The Daily-ness of Life

Are those not guilty looks?
I’m struck by the daily-ness of life in these perilous times, as the fate of our country literally hangs on one man’s testimony tomorrow. In truth, I don’t expect it to be as earth-shaking as the media seems to expect. I’ve already heard three or four times about “Breaking news”—Comey said Trump told him, “I expect loyalty.” Pressure, yes. Obstruction of justice? Probably not. Comey has already said he will not say Trumpf tried to obstruct justice. I will watch tomorrow’s hearing, at least for a bit, but I don’t expect any “real” breaking news. Would be nice if I’m wrong. For those who remember Watergate what we need today is another Deep Throat with a source and an Alexander Haig to hold things together. Trumpf does not have a Haig around him.

But what I’m struck by is that with all this drama in the background, we all go about our daily lives. Today was an ordinary day for me—desk work, dinner with Betty at a fairly new Italian place. Really good food but limited and pricey menu. Highlight of my food day: I made myself a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch and didn’t burn it. My hot plate that operates by magnetic force is great for low, slow cooking—or fast and hot that burns things.

I’m editing the sequel to The Perfect Coed. The new book will almost for sure be titled, Pigface and the Perfect Dog. Someone pointed out that could be a children’s book, but it will have a subtitle: An Oak Grove Mystery. And I’m thinking about cover art. I liked the cover of The Perfect Coed. Today I tracked down the designer and queried to see if she’s interested in doing the new cover. I’d like to use her for a consistent look. A small accomplishment but one that makes me happy.

Thanks to a hint from friend Mary Dulle, I am taking small practice walks holding on to someone but not using the walker. I’m awkward, and Christian says it’s obvious I put more weight on my right leg, but I’m doing it. We figure I just have to practice every day and eventually I’ll make it.

Off to bed to read. What a delicious part of the day.

Grandson Ford is a happy and loyal TCU fan

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