Friday, September 05, 2014

The week in retrospect

I'm laughing at myself. I've cooked supper for four tonight--meatloaf, oven fried potatoes with rosemary, broccoli, marinated asparagus, and a blue cheese salad. Cooking was the focus of my day--a big deal! I realized though that for years I worked, wrote and cooked for four teenagers every night. It wasn't a big deal. Yes, I do cook fancy dinners for company now, but this is just an ordinary family meal and I should have done it without a thought. I also did manage lunch with a friend, a trip to the grocery, a bit of reading and a nap. This is a terrible thing for an author to say, but I'm not in the mood for writing. Guess what I did this week has to simmer in my brain.
I did make progress this week--I have 5500 words on the second Oak Grove novel, I've contracted to with a reader to do an audio version of my short story collection, the neighborhood newsletter is out the door, I only have one blog pending for someone else. And several of my personal blogs were written for me--by contributors to the Small Town Charm, Love and Mystery boxed set who were my guests.
The boxed set has been a learning experience. I've never had a book in a set before, and I know there's come controversy over them. Some writers believe it amounts to selling your book too cheaply, but eight books are 99 cents--some romance (sweet not sexy), some mystery, some funny, some serious. My publisher must have had great success with these before to keep doing them. We've been blogging and sharing on Facebook and Twitter, and if there's a person left who doesn't know about this set, I'm surprised.
I'm also scheduled autograph parties for what I consider my "big" book--The Perfect Coed, first in the Oak Grove Mysteries from Alter Ego Publishing (yeah, you can figure out who that is!). Watch for details in the next couple of weeks, and if you're in Fort Worth, mark your calendar--Saturday, Sept. 20, from 7:00-9:00 a.m. (that's right, early morning) and 5:00-9:00 p.m. Monday Sept. 22. Both at the Old Neighborhood Grill.
So it's been a busy week, including several lunches and dinners with friends, and tonight I'm going to enjoy dinner with my family and reading Loved Honor More by Sharon Wildwind. Halfway through and enjoying it.
Friends were talking the other night about retirement and suggested that too many people retire and want to talk about their past careers. They don't have a life in the present. A big compliment for me when they said I'm living in the present, not the past, with my writing, my family, my friends. Boy am I! Keeps me busy.

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