Friday, September 19, 2014

A two-dog day

Last night was deceptively easy. Got each dog out by turns for a potty session, then each in to the proper crate (Sophie even had her belly rub), gave them treats and lights out. They were wonderful. Not a peep all night. Let Soph out first; put her in the office, and let Luke out until time for our vet apt.
Vet apt. was interesting—he weighs 43 lbs., has all the characteristics of a Bernese mountain dog—flat coat, coloring, head shape, bushy tail, intelligence. But he is about half the size. In good health but heart-worm positive so we have the treatment to look forward to. Also on Monday, he will be neutered and microchipped. (Taking in a rescue dog is anything but cheap.) Heart rate is slow and strong, so vet says he’s been a runner. None of us can figure out why he was on the side of the road—best guess? He was a ranch dog, where someone had so many they didn’t think to neuter and they didn’t look for one who ran away. Vet says timing to our last major storm is about right, and he could be thunderstorm phobic—escaped during a storm.
Well, he’s an escape artist—Got home from the vet, put him in the yard, and went to get his breakfast. When I came back, he was on the other side of the fence, in the driveway. Panting to get in and eat. When I backed out to go to the grocery there he was again—in the driveway behind the electronic gate. Went to bring him in, and he was gone—crawled under the gate. Panic! Called Jay. Found him in neighbor’s yard, and Jay lured him in. We think he’s digging not jumping. Jay is going to use rebar to weight down the fence. So we crated Luke, and left Sophie out. I started for the grocery again—and got worried about Sophie picking up on Luke’s digging, so came back. She was waiting by the back door, so I put her in the office. Third time’s the charm—finally did my errands. Luke still in his crate at lunch time but I took him out to potty under supervision. All he wanted to do was climb in my lap.
This afternoon Jacob had friends over—two brothers—and their father, Jay and I sat on the deck while they played. Luke loved it. When we came in I left him while I went to get his leash—by the time I came back he was in the neighbor’s yard. This time Jacob helped Jay bring him back home.
Luke would be the perfect dog is he didn’t escape and he didn’t have kennel cough, which he apparently does. I’ll have to keep them separated probably until the end of next week. He is also not to run, chase squirrels, etc. for six to eight weeks because of the heartworms. Fortunately he is not nearly as frantic about squirrels as Sophie is.
I keep telling myself this will all settle down but when I woke up this morning my first thought was, “What have I done?’ Today, even more than yesterday, though, Luke has wormed his way into our hearts, and we all keep saying, “He’s a good dog!”

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