Wednesday, September 10, 2014

One of those nice days

My day started off well. Jacob had spent the night and I got him off to school--can't believe I used to get four off, because I was so nervous about not having him ready when friends walked by to take him to school. As it turned out, he had a little TV time. But the little bugger plays possum for me on school mornings--lies there like the dead. Finally this morning, after turning on bright lights, I said, "Okay, I'll just go eat your waffles." He popped up and said, "No!" loudly, then confessed he'd been awake the whole time. Retribution is coming!
When I got to my computer I found a reprint of a nice review of The Perfect Coed ( and a personal reply on FB from my favorite Texas chef, Terry Thompson-Anderson. She has another of her wonderful cookbooks out from the University of Texas Press, Texas on the Table, and I had written congratulations and said that I was still trying to get up nerve to try her quail with pepper/coffee gravy recipe. Got a lot of work done this morning--but no writing. Mornings seem to go to business matters, household chores...and I'm back at yoga. So far my back feels great, and I am so thankful to walk without a constant ache in my hip.
Jacob threw me for a loop this afternoon when two friends invited him to go home with them. I insisted he had to ask his mom, and a frantic time ensued. He went, which means I escaped homework and he has lots to do tonight. But Jordan and I agreed we don't like being on the spot like that. Jordan came by to get his book bag and occupied herself with "organizing" my closet.
Jordan's big news is that she's going on a "fam" (familiarity) trip to Florence, Venice, Milan, Rome, Lake Como, and the Amalfi Coast in November. She's culling my wardrobe for suitable clothing and reminding me I have lots of cute outfits I don't wear.
Topped the day off with supper at Winslow's Wine Café with my good friend Betty--crab cake and a cup of tomato basil soup. Crap bake was superb; soup okay but not the best I've had. House chardonnay good. Fun--priceless (though it is a noisy restaurant).
Now to write my thousand words for the night. I actually look forward to it.
One reason for this post (second today) is that somehow I really messed up my Judy's Stew page. This morning I thought it was fixed, except for a size problem with one image. When I tried to fix that, it messed up again. So now we'll see if it's fixed.

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