Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Luke needs a new home

We had an "incident" yesterday. Jacob was petting Luke, petting his face, albeit working around the Elizabethan collar, when for no reason that I could see Luke growled and snapped. Jacob pulled his hand away and no damage was down, except that Jacob was scared. I put the dog in his crate and Jacob in the office and we continued with homework. Late that afternoon, Jordan, neighbor Jay (the handsome one), and I had a happy-hour discussion--it required wine and beer--and after much talk agreed that Luke is trainable and I should hire a trainer. I went to call, made the first appointment for a consultation that I could--October 22. Until then, I was to keep child and dog apart. Then I left a message for a second trainer who has not yet returned my call.
Last night I prayed about Luke--yes, I'm a praying person and I talk to the Lord when I go to bed. The Lord chose five o'clock this morning to wake me--you know how those five o'clock thoughts are--and suddenly it was clear as a bell. Luke needs a new home, without children or other dogs, where he can get the love he craves and the training he needs. I began the process today, registering with sites, contacting a couple of people whose names were given to me.
This breaks my heart because Luke is the sweetest, prettiest, most loving dog ever. His whole body wiggles in excitement when I come near him. But truth be told, he's high energy, excitable, and unpredictable.
My main concern--and I will not give up on it--is to find him a good and safe home. I read a post the other day quoting a dog fighter who told how he gets bait dogs and cats (good gosh almighty, I didn't know they used cats!) and it scared me. His wife dresses up nicely and goes to take a dog offered for free. For that reason, I put a fee on Luke. After all, he comes neutered (newly) and with a crate, plus antibiotics. I don't want him to fall into such hands, and I don't want him to go to another shelter--I got him from one.
This has been a learning experience for me--yes, an expensive one. But it answers the question of whether or not Sophie wants a companion. She doesn't, and she and I were fine alone. We have a house that is open to all and many guests come to my door. I want them to be welcome and relaxed, not on guard. Of course I don't want to endanger Jacob, but I also don't want to endanger the neat teenager who pet-sits...or Sophie...or me. And I don't want to change the wonderful lifestyle I enjoy because of a dog's problems. Believe me, this was a wrenchingly hard decision.
If you know of someone who will love and train Luke, let me know. I will require references, veterinary referrals, probably a promise from God. But I will find him a good home.


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