Friday, September 12, 2014

That first taste of fall

This morning it was still muggy and hot, but as Texas can do, the temperature fell all day. By the time I went to supper, it was almost chilly and I took a light wrap. Definitely not a patio evening. Tonight, when I let Sophie back in, it struck me as really cool. That's what they say about us Texans--we can't wait for the heat to leave and cool weather return. And then we complain that it's too cold. I will say mid-afternoon it felt great out, even with spitting rain and cloudy skies. Tomorrow it will warm up and continue to do so until we hit 90 mid-week, but everyone seems to believe that triple-digit days are gone. And we can live with 90.
It's early for weather this cool. I always think it comes the first few days of October. And even more interesting, alarming, or whatever word you choose, the far northern states have seen their first snowfall today. I think I read that it's a record--earliest on the books. These dramatic weather changes are alarming to many of us--portending environmental change and a bleak future for the planet, even if not in our lifetime. Many scientists and environmentalists have been saying that for a long time, only to be dismissed by industrialists as fear-mongers and alarmists. I'm not sure how you can dismiss an increase in violent storms, drought, and severe temperatures. But I guess if business and profits control your thinking, then you're for strip-mining and off-shore oil rigs and pipelines through everywhere. One aspect I finish particularly sad is the diminishing native environment for polar bears. But perhaps even more serious is what pesticides are doing to our bee population--how many believe that we can live...and eat...without bees? Don't fool yourselves. (Oops, I just got preachy!)
I did read that the effect of greenhouse gases seems to be diminishing and the solar cover of the earth is repairing itself. Maybe the efforts of those of us who use long-term light bulbs and conserve energy in other ways are paying off. To me, it's sort of like voting--don't believe your small individual doesn't pay off, because it does!
Environmental concerns aside, I ate my way through the day--lunch with a longtime good friend at a local café where I haven't been in a long time. Great pimiento cheese sandwich, and they always add a small Andy's mint to the plate. I think I eat there for the tiny chocolate. Tonight, my "Canadian daughter" and I went to a new tapas place and shared bacon-wrapped dates, smoked salmon and whipped cream cheese on baguettes (for some reason it was drizzled with honey and our hands got so sticky!), and quail with quail eggs--I should have known better than to expect the eggs hard-boiled but still I was a surprised when they were poached. So good! And so nice to visit with her. Lovely evening.
Now I'm back at my desk but not really ambitious. Looking forward though to a weekend of cooking and writing.
Happy cool weather everyone. I heard it's going to be a cool, wet winter. We're ready for it. No ice please--snow is acceptable.

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