Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The dog saga continues

Yesterday I took Luke to the vet to be neutered, micro-chipped, and whatever else needing doing. Because I had a book signing--whole different story--last night, I left him at the vet's overnight. It was, I admit, a vacation from having to juggle two dogs. The signing went well, and lots of good friends came and had a jolly time. Jordan and I were exhausted by the time we got home, and I was grateful to have only one dog to deal with.
But this morning early I went to get Luke who was greatly happy to see me. He was wearing what must people call the cone of shame, but I prefer to call an Elizabethan collar--poor dear has to wear it for 10-14 days. But I had the go-ahead to put the dogs together and decided a small space was best for control. So I put them in the office with me. After some initial play, chasing each other, lots of barking on Sophie's part, things settled down. Sophie hid under my desk, and Luke paced though he eventually lay down and watched me.
I put them outside together and they seemed to have a grand time, but they were both running--Sophie can outrun him. Great exercise for her but Luke is not supposed to run until his heartworm treatment is complete--8 weeks. Of course neither dog would listen to my commands to stop, but I happened to grab Luke on the fly-by and put an end to that game. So they still have to go outdoors separately.
The afternoon did not go as well. Jacob got as hyper-excited as the dogs and yelled at me that Luke was biting Sophie. It was play on both their parts, though Sophie sounded pretty ferocious. Still when Luke would back off, she'd go after him. I figure it's a matter of time until they get used to each other, and Luke still has all his puppy enthusiasm.
Luke, who has shown no interest in toys, found a toy he would not be parted from. At first, the cone kept him from picking it up, but Jacob gave it to him. When he got it stuck under the couch, Jacob went down to get it for him--and disaster struck. That sweet loving dog growled and snapped, caught Jacob on the side of the head and the ear. No serious damage, a small bruise, and a tiny bit of blood, but Jacob cried for an hour. We've always told him not to put his face near a dog's face, but he's surrounded by dogs where it doesn't matter, and I guess he didn't even think about it.
Jay came and talked to him, explaining that we don't know the dog and he doesn't know us, plus he's a bundle of anxiety now. Within a short space of time he's gone from roadside stray to kennel to strange new home with new people, had surgery, and is wearing the cone. His nerves are a bit frayed...as are mine as this point.
Jacob had a great story to tell at dinner at the Grill tonight--he'd brightened by then--and I'm sure will tell it tomorrow at school. By the time I took Luke out tonight, Jacob came out on the deck and loved on him. Feelings do mend...and so do ears.
I have faith it will all settle down, but I admit I go to bed much earlier these days and bone weary. Oh, oops, Sophie's still outside. Got to go get her.

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