Saturday, September 27, 2014

Saturday night and the high life

Ah, Saturday night when people party and celebrate the weekend. I'm home with Jacob, who is glued to Fox 4 waiting for the Baylor game. We had wonderful sweet corn (so sweet!) and buttery broccoli for supper--you know it's good when he eats two helpings. I worried about a "meat" or "protein" dish--gave him peanut butter and honey and had tuna left from lunch for myself. A satisfying meal.
Things progress well on the dog front--last night we had the two dogs in the same room. There was no hostility, but an electric atmosphere of excitement...with a measure of jealousy thrown in. Today I put Sophie out for a couple of hours and let Luke in--he wandered the house. Turns out he loves toys, which is okay, and loves to get on the couch, which is not okay.
After all my denial, Luke definitely has kennel cough. Went by the vet's for yet another antibiotic--the dog is now a walking pharmacy. But he gets sweeter by the day. Greg came by to mow today--loved on Luke outside and said, "You can tell he hasn't had much love." Then of course he had to come in and love on Sophie who was having conniptions of jealousy.
Not exactly a lazy day--by eight this morning, I was putting meat and sauce in the crockpot for pulled beef barbecue for tomorrow night's dinner. Still have to do the finishing touches to the sauce and pull the meat (the part that really frustrates me) tonight. Went to the vet, the bank, dropped off a book, and, finally the grocery. Came home and made a Bundt cake--also for tomorrow night when there will be eight of us. I'm a big believer in potluck, so Subie and Phil will bring cole slaw, Jordan will bring potato salad, Jay and Susan will bring sweet northern beans. I have Texas caviar and a block of cream cheese to cover with raspberry chipotle for appetizers. Sounds like a good meal to me.
All that activity called for a long nap. When I woke up, Jacob was sitting in the living room. He said his mom told him not to answer the door for anybody and to wake me at four-thirty.
So now the big dilemma--will I write or keep reading the book that has me so intrigued. It's The Prime Minister's Secret Agent by Susan Elias McNeal. I'm hooked on that series--so much WWII history. This one leads up to the attack on Pearl Harbor and the intelligence that could have prevented it. Guess that settles it--I'll take book and a glass of wine to the deck and visit with Luke (do you know how hard it is to learn to say deck and not porch?).

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