Friday, May 09, 2014

The joy of family

These are my Mother's Day flowers from my Frisco kids. When I wrote a thank you to Mel, she said, "I thought they were bright and cheery, just like you." Isn't that a wonderful thing for a daughter-in-law to say about me? (I've always said she was my fifth child.)
Tonight's post is a shout-out to the sister of my son-in-law, Christian. Julie Wyatt received her master's degree in urban studies today from the University of Texas at Arlington. No small accomplishment to complete an advanced degree while raising two girls she and her husband fostered and finally, after some drawn-out suspension, were able to adopt. Julie's husband, Aaron, an elementary school librarian, has been a huge support, but still, the mothering fell on Julie. And I am mightily impressed and proud that she carried on with both roles. She has a job in Denton and they have a contract on a house there, so the future is looking good for them. Their daughters were brought to them, without notice one night, almost five years ago--filthy dirty, malnourished, and at least one physically abused. That they have turned life around for those sweet girls is no small accomplishment; that Julie also got an advanced degree is pretty remarkable. I'm glad to have people like that in my family.
And then there's my oldest granddaughter, Madison, who just turned fifteen and got her driver's learner's permit.--have you ever seen a prettier or a happier girl? Her mom posted on Facebook, "Be kind when you see us coming," but then added that Maddie is already an awesome driver. I haven't yet ridden with her but I'm looking forward to it. She's one of the nicest teenagers I've ever known (with all due respect to my two daughters, who didn't always fit into that category). Being the oldest of seven grandchildren on my side of the family, she has shown remarkable kindness and caring for the little ones who came behind her--and she was an only for four years. Now her interests, as far as I can tell, are basketball and signing for the hearing impaired. Makes me pretty proud.
And then there are my Houston kids. Morgan did a project for school on Grace, their German shepherd (who I suspect is a shepherd mix). I do not have fond memories of Grace--the one time she was here she wanted to eat Sophie, who only wanted to play, but they tell me she has settled down since. Not sure I want to risk Sophie on a trial run, but cheers to Morgan for her project.
And then there's Kegan who's most remarkable accomplishment (off the soccer/baseball/football field) seems to be eating chocolate and scowling--not an easy combination. He is, I'm sure, going to be every bit as good-looking as his dad who used to be compared to Tom Cruise Personally I think Colin is better looking, and he didn't jump on couches and act crazy. But I am crazy about this boy, the youngest of my grandchildren.

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