Friday, May 23, 2014

Orchids, golf balls, and old friends

The two buds on my Mother's Day orchid have finally opened up, one almost magically today. This morning it was a bud, though I could see the petals loosening and moving toward opening; tonight it's in full bloom. Notice the lower two blooms, though the one that bloomed this morning is turned so sideways it's hard to see. Christian said it's purple in honor of TCU.
This week the annual Colonial Golf Tournament started--it has a corporation name in front of it but I can't remember that. But the course is not far from my house, and the whole event messes up traffic in my corner of the city. This year they're being much more strict (security concerns, I hear) and several roads are blocked off unless  you have a residential pass. I heard on officer advise, "Just stay off University." Well, this morning I was going to get my hair cut, and there was simply no way to stay off University, so I was filled with anxiety--and on a tight schedule. It all worked out fine--I got my haircut, went to Central Market, and was home in plenty of time to go to the PEO luncheon with Subie.
Most people don't know about PEO. It's an international sisterhood for the cause of education, with chapters all over the country and, I believe, the world. They sponsor Cottey College among other things. I can't tell you, on pain of..well, not death but something awful...what PEO stands for. My father called it Poor Emancipated Oldsters, but it was a great thing for my mom when she moved from Chicago to North Carolina to Texas. She made friends in each place through PEO. I joined at a young age because it made her happy and have kept my membership as a tribute to her, though I never go. I did get a fifty-year pin (now that's a shock) but went inactive a year or so ago. Subie and I both belonged to the same chapter in Fort Worth, and now that she's back in town one old friend said they really wanted us "girls" to come to the final luncheon. We did and loved visiting with the few familiar faces there, though many had moved on, often to Chapter Eternal. Still thanks to Patty Walker for inviting us, her daughter Dana for welcoming us so heartily, and Pauline Blossom whom we both adore and was one of the few we remembered. Time marches on. We were astounded to find ourselves almost the youngest women at the luncheon.
After that busy day, I've settled down to a quiet evening with Jacob. Feels good. Jacob's parents have been at Colonial all day, and he will go tomorrow and Sunday. I'll have a quiet weekend, which is okay. Maybe I'll get some work done.

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