Saturday, May 17, 2014

Help keep me sane!

I love my house. I've lived in it 21 years and spent most of those years doing small updating things. I've about got it like I want it now, though son-in-law Christian says it needs updating before I consider selling it. It's just the right size for me, with a guest house for the kids. I've got wonderful neighbors nearby to whom I'm close. It takes me one minute to get to Jacob's school. I've sworn I will never move out of this house--couldn't bear to clean it out. My kids will have to deal with an attic full that I've moved from house to house plus what I've accumulated here. I am, in short, a happy camper.
So why am I even thinking about moving? Because I fell in love with a house I saw on the internet. It's terribly impractical, out of my price range (though I could do it), twice as big as this house, about half a mile way from my neighbors and the school. I'd have to do some things to it--like fence a safe place for Sophie, install an electric gate. But it's gorgeous inside, very open floor plan, updated kitchen with gas stove, xeriscaping all around, secluded garden with no grass, nice patio.
When Christian looked at it, he said, "It looks like an office building." Jamie said, "If it was in Dallas, I'd buy it and move my office there." Truth is that it was built in 1912 as a grocery store. You'd never know from the outside, but it's a beautiful home inside.
I sent the website to Jamie, expecting him to say, "Mom, you can't be serious." Instead he said, "I love it. I'll come to Fort Worth this week, and we'll look at it." Big help he is.
There are so many reasons I will not move: money, age (do I really have the energy--I've spent this week thinking how tired I am but it was a bad week), things I'd miss, people I'd miss--would they still stop in for happy house? Come for Sunday supper? Oh, and it's two-story with no ground-floor bedroom--let's be realistic. I'm seventy-five years old. Many of my friends are talking about assisted living, and I'm talking about moving to a huge, two-story house?.
On the other hand, maybe moving would energize me, set me off in a new direction, give me a new life. I've long said I didn't want to sit still and grow old. This might give me a real boost--do I need one? I'm sort of pleased that I even have the energy to contemplate it.

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