Monday, May 19, 2014

Sanity...or close toit

My sanity has returned to a degree--I am not going to move. Fascinating as the structure is that grabbed my imagination, it's not for me. I crunched the numbers today and it would take most of my nest egg, even if I sold this house. At my age I'm not willing to live without a financial safety net, and I'm lucky to have it. Plus it would need work to adapt it to my needs...and those of Sophie. It is not completely fenced, has no covered parking,etc. And I really don't need a two-story house when I reach my dotage. Plus I'm not sure I wouldn't feel rather alone and rattling around in 3500 square feet--twice the footage I have now. And friends and neighbors might not drop by as they do now. Seven of us had dinner on the deck the other night--something that wouldn't work in the grocery store-turned-house. I do find that a picturesque idea though--converting an early-twentieth-century store..
On the plus side, I have a perfect situations where I am now and a house that I really do love. It's suited to my needs--garage, perfect back yard for Sophie, good neighbors, across the street from Jacob's school for three more years. I may use a fraction of the money I'd spend to do some sprucing up to my house. But I've been sprucing up all along. Not sure what I'll do next.
I am grateful that my children did not scoff but encouraged this fantasy of mine. They seemed to think if I wanted to do t, I could. But the idea of cleaning out my house, especially within thirty days, does intimidate me. I'm sort of pleased that I even had the energy and imagination to think seriously about moving.
So calm, rational thinking prevails. But it sure was fun to think of entertaining in that great room. I think that's something I've always wanted--a house with a great room. Perhaps it's because I love having company.
This house will be open Sunday, and I'll go see it. But I'm comfortable in my soul with my decision.
If I have the energy to move, I'd be better served using it to write!

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