Thursday, May 08, 2014

Texas weather and family tidbits

It's sunny and a pleasant temperature outside, a lovely evening. Jacob has asked three times if it's still too wet for him to go outdoors, and I've assured him it is. The weather must have had a grudge against school children today--it rained steadily as they scurried to school, but quit soon after. By then, though, Field Day was off. The day was dark and dismal but barely any rain. I went to lunch with friend Mary Dulle who worried about getting her new/old Porsche Boxter convertible back home before hail hit. Hail never hit here, but it rained again fairly steadily just at three when it was time for the kids to get out of school. I chickened out and asked neighbor and good friend Don Lee to get Jacob when he got Max. He arrived wearing Max's coat over his head and announced he look like a flying nun, said one of the boys offered to call him "Sister." Once everyone was safely home, it stopped raining again, and is now pleasant again. But I hear--hope--there's more rain to come.
But it made a nice morning. I loved staying home, watching the slow steady rain, even enjoying the darkness that came with it. In the afternoon, one loud clap of thunder startled Jacob, though he said "I'm not afraid of tornadoes anymore." There followed a discussion about the difference between being afraid of tornadoes and of thunder.
East of us there were heavy storms and property damage. I am grateful for the gentle, nourishing rains we had.
My family never fails to amuse. The Austin family no longer had mail delivery. This fearsome dog has driven off the mailman. Brandon called to thank me for the birthday present he should have gotten two weeks ago--Megan had to go to the post office to collect their mail. As one who watches daily for the mail, two weeks without would drive me crazy but they are wired differently than I am. Anyway Edie is a loveable sweet ten-pound thing, and I can't imagine what occasioned this. I've always believed you should trist a dog who doesn't like a person but never trust a person who doesn't like dogs.

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