Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Nada. Zilch. Nothing. Orr maybe a lot.

I have been delinquent about blogging but mostly because I don't have much to say. There is so much in the world to be distressed about but most of it has been all over Facebook and some in the media. The missing schoolgirls in Nigeria for instance--finally the media has taken up the cause and now the horrifying mass kidnapping is getting plenty of international attention. But where was the outrage when it happened?
Or the House investigation of Benghazi. Really? Again? I thought that was a dead issue--the White House even admitted that security was lax. And nobody seems to realize there were something like eight raids on embassies during the Bush administration with sixty people killed. But now the House (Republicans) are alarmed because four people were killed in a raid on a consulate, where the ambassador just happened to be visiting. Could the House more profitably spend its money on climate research--which the President made into a big media deal today--and recovery efforts from the devastating winter we've had, with costs in the billions?
Meantime my little insular life seems to go along peacefully, and it almost makes me feel guilty. Life at my age seems to consist of a lot of doctor appointments, though I think I've gotten them over in a batch now--family practitioner, dermatologist. dentist, audiologist tomorrow. Today it was the vet for Sophie's annual checkup, and she was pronounced a healthy, happy dog. And lunch with friends takes a chunk of my days but I am so grateful for that--lunch today with a longtime good friend. Our paths have diverged--mine as much as hers--but it's good that we catch up every once in a while. And tomorrow my favorite colleague (and now good friend) from TCU Press is coming here for tuna salad. We have lots to catch up on.
Somewhere in all this I have a novel to write, blogs to write, and all the other stuff--and  a new life plan I may be ready to talk about soon. Meantime, my life is good--I wish I could say that for the world as we pray over wildfires in Okahoma, drought in Texas, and man-made disasters that threaten our world.
Be safe everyone.

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