Friday, May 02, 2014

Another day of trivia

I have frittered away the day with trivia...and oh, boy, does it feel good. I spent two long grueling days fixing formatting on a manuscript (not mine but one I was editing). Haven't heard from the managing editor, so not even sure if I did it right, but that is surely not the creative part of writing or editing. I love to edit, to catch little things, suggest better ways of saying something, ask what a passage means. Fiddling with extra spaces and track changes and all that, not so much. So I guess that's why I decided to take a vacation today.
Went to the grocery, where my outrage was that they carry Centrum Silver for Men but not for women--had to buy a generic. But my daughter-in-law just told me Centrum Silver is recommended by her ophthalmologist for eye health. Any idea what would happen if I took Centrum Silver for Men--no, we won't go there.
Lunch with friends but I forgot to put my hearing aids in which was a definite handicap. Still fun and good. Home to nap, and spent the afternoon fiddling with small things on my desk, worrying about whether or not I can afford the pants and shirt I want from a catalog, fixing a really special parfait for Jacob--strawberry yogurt, blueberries, granola, chocolate chips and chocolate sauce, all in layers. He didn't make it was far as the blueberries.
Quick visit with Jordan, nice happy hour with Jay and Susan who kindly invited me to go with them for barbecue. I declined, ate zucchini, asparagus, and smoked trout--low calorie but good. But oh my, that barbecue was tempting.
Now I've spent an inordinate amount of time on Facebook--did you know there's a breed of dog named Boerboel? One of the best guardian breeds--bred to fight lions in Africa. And Caucasian sheepdogs? I thought I knew about dogs but I keep learning about new breeds. In truth, these bits of trivial knowledge are one of the things I like about Facebook.
And now? I'm going to read. I know, I know--there's a novel to be written. But not tonight. However, I now have a grand plan for my writing career for the next few years. Watch my dust if I ever get over this spell of self-satisfied laziness.

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