Monday, April 28, 2014

The church battles and tornadoes

Sunday morning Jacob ate his breakfast--always chocolate chip waffles at my house--and then plunked himself on the couch with the iPad, deliberately ignoring me. I came into the living room at 10:15, fully dressed for church, and announced that I'd put his toothbrush and mouthwash out and it was time to get ready for church.
Jacob (absolutely incredulous): We're going to church? (He looked out the window as though the Lord maybe had sent one of the thunderstorms promised for this weekend, but the Lord had not cooperated.)
Me: Yes.
So he took care of his oral hygiene and came back to my office.
Jacob: Juju, my stomach really hurts.
Me: Jacob, your stomach hurts every Sunday morning just before church. Get dressed.
Jacob: I didn't say that just so I wouldn't have to go to church. I just wanted you to know.
Me: I'm really sorry your stomach hurts.
I never heard another word about his stomach. We went to church, and there were baptisms (my church dunks). He likes to watch that, and I figure it's good preparation for him. All else went well--he bows his head in prayer, and he recites the Lord's prayer. I was glad we went, and I hope he was too. We're going next week too.
On the way home:
Jacob: I'm not afraid of tornadoes any more.
Me, thinking a little healthy fear was good: Where would we go if there was one?
Jacob: Your closet or the bathroom.
Me: Who would be there?
Jacob: You and me.
Me: What about Sophie?
Jacob: Oh, yeah, we'd take her. Unless of course she was already dead.
I did not explore any more.

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