Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Get off your duff!

I started out the day in an absolutely fruitless dilemma, debating about the many things I had to do and which should be done first. Seriously, that dilemma went round and round in my mind while I checked email, ate breakfast, read the paper and read Facebook. Then all of the sudden, I got up, decided to tackle one thing at a time, and I had a great burst of energy and well-bring. Everything I did went well (even yoga) and before lunch I had accomplished all the chores I'd allocated to this morning. Lesson learned: get off your duff and get to work. Some of it was housework, some of it was writing related--but the important thing is I got it done. And I felt so much better about myself and the world. I tried to explain this to that lump of a dog--you know, the one who was full of energy at four in the morning but absolutely tapped out in the chair in my office by ten. She was unimpressed until I finally decided, close to eleven that it was time for her to go out, whether she wanted to or not.
So tonight I'll write my thousand words--daily requirement. And I got the evening off to a good start by fixing tuna pasties--I had a tube of biscuits left from Easter, pulled them into bigger sizes, added tuna mixture, and baked. So good! Watch for the recipe one Sunday soon on Potluck with Judy.

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