Friday, April 18, 2014

Is this what happens in old age?

I had a full calendar today--a haircut appointment, a dermatologist appointment followed by lunch with a friend, a play date for Jacob at our house and happy hour with the neighbors. The only one of those things that worked out as planned was the happy hour.
Went to my haircut, waited half an hour for Rosa, thinking maybe I'd gotten the time wrong. Finally got her on the phone--my appointment was a week ago today. No wonder my hair seems extraordinarily long--now I have to live with it until Tuesday morning. No special Easter "do" for me.
The dermatologist actually worked out more easily--I saw the appointment on my calendar twice, called  and found out it is for a week from Monday. And the friend I was having lunch with cancelled because she's having a busy week. But getting all those things wrong on my calendar shook my self-confidence.
Anyway then I was free to join good friends Phil and Subie who were lunching with Bob Compton, who we all know from his days as Dallas Morning New Book Editor. We ate on the patio at Nonna Tata--okay, it's a graveled covered area, but it was outdoors on a gorgeous day. Had my favorite thing--braseola (the beef version of prosciutto) covered with sliced grana cheese and a light lemon dressing with a side of wonderful potato salad--the no-mayo kind.
After school, a good friend came home with Jacob--the friend's grandfather always accompanies him, and we have great visits while the boys play. But today, I soon had four boys playing football in the front yard and two moms on the porch. One mom took her son home, and the other mom took all three boys to her house--bless her! The grandfather and I had a nice long visit, and then I had a quiet afternoon and got lots done. Jacob went from the first boy's house to that of the original play date; then the grandfather took them all to the schoolyard to play. It was after six-thirty when Jacob came in, sweaty and exhausted.
Meantime I was having wine and southwestern tuna on the deck with my neighbors. Lovely evening, good company, good food.
Struck me again how lucky I am to have friends of all ages--from the grandfather I visited with after school (his kids are twenty years younger than mine so he's much younger than me) to my neighbors in their fifties to the mothers of Jacob's school friends who are younger than Jordan. Variety truly is the spice of life--and I like my spicy life.

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Mike said...

Glad to see Bob's out 'n about.

Agreed about different ages/diversity.

Good post.