Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A new look

Please admire my new look on the blog. Seven or so years ago, when I started a blog, I knew nothing about it. In fact, when daughter-in-law Melanie suggested it, I protested I had nothing to write about--at that time my writing career was sort of on hold, though I was experimenting with mysteries. But publication in the mystery genre was still several years away. "Sure you do," Mel said. "You can write about writing and cooking and grandchildren, and call it Judy's Stew.' I stuck my toe in the water and liked it, but I give all credit to Mel. But at the time I knew no better than to use one of the standard templates offered by Blogger. When I asked two designer friends to redesign my blog, they threw their hands up in the air. So my deepest thanks for the new look go to Becca Allen, of the TCU Press staff, who took it on as a free-lance project. She did a great job!
Over the years the blog has sort of evolved. The cooking part branched off and is now in my once-a-week food blog, "Potluck with Judy." That's in large part due to Elizabeth who kept urging me on--a friend for over twenty years, she lived in my guest house for a year and knows how important cooking and food are to me.
"Judy's Stew" became more and more a personal blog, especially since I have an author page on Facebook. My audience is, I hope, readers more than writers, so I write very little about writing technique, marketing, all the ins and outs of being a professional writer. I want readers to know who I am as a person.
I write about whatever strikes me at the moment, and I don't shy away from topics that are verboten on most blogs, primarily politics and, to a lesser extent, religion. To the chagrin of some of my family, most blog readers know I'm a confirmed liberal, and I'm proud of my committed membership in Fort Worth's University Christian Church (the family is not embarrassed by that).
Everyone knows I raised four children, mostly as a single parent, and have seven grandchildren who are of course the most beautiful and smartest in the universe. The new banner on the blog shows all my family along with my brother's extended family We're a happy and noisy crew when we get together.
My dog, Sophie, a cross of border collie and poodle, appears in my blog fairly often. She's a great companion, loving, affectionate, and full of mischief when she gets excited.
And yes, I spend my days writing and doing writing-related work. Of course then there are my duties as editor of the neighborhood newsletter, welcomer of new visitors to the church, homework coach for the second-grade grandchild who goes to school across the street from my house. And entertaining and going out with friends. Those are the things I write about, and I hope the new look reflects the essentials of my life.


Edith Maxwell said...

Love the new look, Judy! And look how blessed you are with family.

judyalter said...

Thanks, Edith. I am indeed blessed.