Thursday, January 30, 2014

Well, drat!

I wear a medical alert bracelet, though I've never used it. If you read this blog regularly, you'll know I inadvertently tested it with a false alarm in the middle of the night recently and caused quite an uproar in my family and my neighborhood. I wear it because I live alone and because, as my children will be quick to tell you, I have been known to fall. But not lately. Still it's a nice security measure, and it gives me some degree of comfort to know I have it on.
Well tonight I glanced down at my bracelet and noticed the alert button is missing. It just apparently fell out of its "secure place." I've looked in the usual places, called the restaurant where I had dinner, emailed the people whose cars I rode in today. The most frustrating part is that this happened once before, and I ordered a new alert button at a cost of $60. Then I found the original one, comfortably sitting in a corner of the cupboard where I keep dinner dishes. So theoretically I have two buttons--but do you think I can find that safe place where I put the extra button? Of course not. My kids will be here this weekend and will no doubt scour the house. Meantime I hate to order another one because I'm just sure one will turn up
On a cheerier note I had a really good and interesting supper tonight at a downtown place called the Little Red Wasp. The manager even came by to comment on our menu choices--white wine and hot dogs. We began the meal with homemade potato chips (still warm) and ranch dip-I know next time Betty will insist on pimiento cheese with corn chips and I'll be agreeable. Then we split a hot dog--I asked what kind of hot dog and never got more than it was pure beef and no casing, but I will say it was delicious. Dressed with homemade chili, onions, and pickle relish it was pure delight--even with white wine.
We'll go back there (even with a $5 valet parking charge). I have my eye on the Reuben next. But I just might have to have another hot dog.

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