Friday, January 17, 2014

Lazy days

June Bug, one of the Cavaliers, making herself at home in my shawl. Such a cute, shy, timid baby. She warmed up to my because I loved on her while bored with talk of Las Vegas.

Do you ever want to just be lazy, even if you have a pile of work facing you? That's how I've felt the last few days. Actually I've been pretty efficient and busy, but I resolved not to feel harried and rushed. Can't even tell you what I accomplished yesterday, but I think I got the wheels rolling on self-publishing a novel--an adventuresome first for me, and you'll hear more about it later. I wrote a guest blog, to appear later, got Jacob from school, and went to his house for supper with neighbor Jay (the handsome one). Cheese/chicken enchiladas, good appetizers, great company, and too much wine--I was so sleepy when I came home. Jordan really fixed an excellent meal, and they were both gracious hosts.
Jacob came home with me since he had no school today. He wanted to stay at his house, but once he got here he was sweet and charming. I sent him to bed and settled down to give Sophie her nightly tummy rub when suddenly there was Jacob. We had a nice, philosophical discussion about dogs at 10:30 at night. He really appreciates dogs, realizes what they do for us, and is sweet and loving with his own two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and with Sophie--though the difference in temperaments is dramatic. The Cavaliers are so quiet and timid, and Sophie, bless her, is so rambunctious and playful.
Today, in spite of my resolution not to be hurried, we found ourselves at the grocery at nine and home by nine-thirty. Have you ever tried to work at your desk with cartoons on the TV? That's where I was.  Not easy. But about eleven I took him to a friend's house--the friend's grandfather, bless him, took them to the science and history museum and the stock show, where people were just setting up. Then McDonald's and back to Max's house to play. Then to our house where they played more on the front lawn while three frozen adults sat and watched.
Tonight all is quiet, and I'm at my desk but still lazing through the evening, not feeling rushed by anything. Had a leftover half a bacon cheeseburger (a rarity for me) for supper and thoroughly enjoyed it.
It's one of those quiet nice times when I don't feel rushed, and I think life is good.

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