Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Livin' High

Yesterday I posted above livin' high at local restaurants; today it's just living high in general. Today my horoscope said something about "the various elements in your life that are flowing together smoothly" and that's exactly how I feel. Everything in my life seems to be going well. I feel good and optimistic, and I wake up each day with joy. I'm not a big believer in astrology but I do read my horoscope most days--usually it's so wildly off the mark that I ignore it, but I find it comforting when it's optimistic like today. It went on to say something about a key relationship might thrive if I don't let ambition get in the way--I always think that means a romantic relationship, and I'm way beyond believing a knight in shining armor is going to ride my way. On the other hand, it could well mean a professional relationship--and I made a contact today that I think will smooth out one project for me a great deal, so maybe that's it. I don't see ambition getting in the way, but I suppose we don't see ourselves clearly.
Tonight's a full moon, which may have something to do with this. I don't follow or understand all that about Mercury in retrograde or anything, but I wonder how long this euphoria will last. I'd like to bottle it, please.
Tonight Mary Dulle and I went to the city's Neighborhoods office awards dinner--the Poohbah was one of three honored in the newsletter category. Mary edited it the first half of last year, and I did it the second half so we shared the spotlight and had our picture taken with the mayor and our city councilman. It was pretty impressive to hear what some neighborhoods have done--the Neighborhood of the Year (still can't figure out where it is) instituted an extensive drowning-prevention program. Another neighborhood lightened a tunnel under RR tracks that kids have to walk through to get to school--an artist painted a mural. There's a lot of civic pride in Fort Worth, and it was neat to see it and see how many people turned out for the dinner. Nice, efficient program--over by eight. The way things ought to go!

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