Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Travelin' Jack Lives On

Last night I posted about the sad story of the death of my neighbors' cat, Travelin' Jack. Tonight it seems there's a sequel. Jay was running errands, including a stop to donate old towels to the Humane Society of North Texas (they always need them if you have some to donate). Impulsively he went in to the cat room--and there he was. A five-month-old kitten, black, named Jack. Intrigued, Jay called Susan, who said she at first thought, I'm not ready. I'm still crying. She went to meet the kitten. Long story short: Jack, the kitten, came home this afternoon after being neutered this morning. Susan is debating about a name, but I vote for the way she described him: Just Plain Jack. He apparently was raised with dogs, doesn't seem alarmed by them at all, and the dogs are curious but much calmer than they were with Travelin' Jack.
Don't tell me our animals don't choose us. What made Jay step into that cat room? And what made Susan go to see a kitten, when she was still grieving. Just Plain Jack knew where he belonged, and he was calling them.
Our friend Elisabeth suggested that Travelin' Jack's spirit is hanging around, in no rush to cross over. He's just taking him time travelin' on. I like to think that his spirit lives in Just Plain Jack. Jay and Susan report two coincidences today--when she went to the humane society, a black cat watched her from across the parking lot but when she came out, it was gone; Jay reports a black cat crossed his path somewhere tonight. Me? I think Elizabeth is right--Travelin' Jack is hanging around in spirit until he sees that all is well with Just Plain Jack.

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