Friday, January 24, 2014

The pleasure of being an author

Nothing is quite so much fun for an author as to speak to a small but responsive group. I had that fortunate experience today when Betty Bob Buckley invited me to speak to her PEO Chapter, a group of about twenty women. I asked what I should talk about and was met with a vague, "Your books." So I told the women how I got started writing--age ten--and my mis-steps and small triumphs along the way. And then I told them the story behind each of several books, ending of course with my two current mystery series. They laughed along the way and asked intelligent, pertinent questions afterwards. I sold several books--a goodly number for that size or audience and that occasion--and when we adjourned for lunch, conversation at my table was still lively--and still mostly about my writing. Lunch, made by the hostesses for the day, was delicious--chicken enchiladas served with Fritos (which I put on the enchiladas for a crispy contrast--so good!), guacamole, and Black Forest cake--my favorite ever dessert. And I got to visit with Betty Bob on the way over and back, so it was an all around plus event.
Some authors may think a group that small isn't worth the time, but I firmly believe it is. Some of the women who didn't buy today may show up at my book signing in a week--I passed out flyers. At least one woman told me she'd be ordering for her Nook, and others may well spread the word of mouth. Besides, I enjoyed myself.
After getting to the doctor at 8:30 this morning and then the luncheon speech, I was beat and wanted to crawl into bed but no such luck. Jacob brought a friend home--bless them, they cleaned the dog poop out of the back yard and gathered up the bottles left from the broken bottle tree (thank  you, Sophie!). Then I fed them ice cream and sparkling grape juice. They took turns being the bull and the rodeo clown, all of which was very noisy. The other grandparent and I sat and had a good visit as much as possible in the midst of the melee. When the boys went to the other end of the house and it grew too quiet, I went to investigate--they were at my desk (a no-no without me there) and Jacob was on the phone to his mom.
Max and his grandfather went home, Jordan arrived for a brief visit, and when they all departed, I felt like a deflated balloon. Treated myself to a tuna fish sandwich for supper--ah, heaven. I don't know that I've been all that busy but I do feel like I've been on a roller coaster.
Tomorrow is yet another busy day. I'm going to bed early--I always say that and never do it, but maybe tonight.

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