Thursday, December 05, 2013

Winter storm mode

It's here. The freezing rain. Apparently the "major event" will come about midnight, but it's cold and wet and miserable. The dog keeps wanting to go out and then wanting to come back in the minute she goes out.  Jacob is tucked in hid bed, watching TV, though I'm about to roust him out for tooth-brushing. I have tried but I can't quite get him to understand the idea of a total power outage. Gave him his own flashlight that he is to keep by him all the time but NOT play with. But he doesn't understand about no heat, no lights, no cooking--he will expect his waffles in the morning. I of course am afraid the power will go off in the middle of the night. But I'm resolved not to bring any more bridges up here. We're in the house probably for the next two-and-a-half days, and we'll have to make the best of it.
Jordan just called--she and Christian are safely in Austin, a trip that worried me but she wants so badly to go to the John Mayer concert tomorrow night. Christian gets stars in his crown for undertaking the drive. Who knows when they'll get back to Fort Worth?
All my worries earlier in the week about getting Jacob to and from school Friday faded when the FWISD called his mother (robot call) and said school is cancelled. What a relief. On this morning when I can sleep late, he'll probably wake up at seven. Pray he'll quietly watch TV.
Of course this would be the night my internet connection went down--but just on the computer. The TVs were fine. With dread in my heart, I called that automated gentleman; he re-booted; I rebooted; nothing worked. All of this of course took a good deal of time. But then he connected me to a service technician. The technician turned out to be a lovely lady in San Antonio--not India, not the Philippines--who spoke lovely English. We chatted, worked together to figure out the problem, and she even said I'd taught her something. Sometimes all things work to some good.
So here I sit in pjs, sweatshirt, and a shawl over my knees---cozy and comfortable, with The Sound of Music on the TV. By Sunday, Jacob and I may both be bonkers and dislike each other, but for now we're having fun and we're happy. Not supposed to go above freezing until Sunday afternoon--sigh!

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