Tuesday, December 17, 2013

In the spirit of Christmas

Christmas is about many things, among them the blessing of friendship. It's a time we all seem ready to renew friendships, check in with people we don't see daily, take the opportunity to wish others a Merry Christmas a great New Year. I've taken that to heart today and had a very social day, eating breakfast, lunch and dinner out.
Taking the day backward, I went to dinner with good friends Kathie and Carol at Piola, an Italian restaurant  where I had wonderful lasagna with rich tomato sauce (and brought half home for tomorrow). Above, me in my dress-up, go to dinner clothes--a wonderful garment that my brother and sister-in-law gave me. The other night I was wearing a necklace they gave me, and when they complimented me on it I said, "I'm glad you like it. You gave it to me." Lots of laughter, and Cindy said, "Hmmm. I'm surprised I didn't keep it for myself, I like it so much." So let's hope they remember that they gave me this--what would you call it? Not quite a kimono, nor a hapi coat. Anyway, it's great, and I look forward to wearing it a lot more. And yes, we had an interesting, cheerful, fun dinner.
Lunch was with another good friend, Jean, with whom I always exchange Flowers of the Month cards as gifts. We schedule lunch and go together to get our flowers--today lovely roses--two sort of Tropicana and a red one, with holly and a sprig of evergreen. Great chicken salad sandwich at Lucille's, and we caught up with each other's plans for the holidays.
This morning I had breakfast with the Book Ladies, a group of women whose careers have revolved around books.  We meet once a month for breakfast. Some days we talk about books; other days, it's everything from politics to grandchildren. Most but not all of us are retired now. I've been going to that group for more than twenty years, and it has changed over the years as members come and go. No dues, no rules, just show up for breakfast and visit. Lovely tradition. I've been there when only one other person showed up. This morning there were twelve--the holiday spirit.
Yawn! All that socializing has worn me out.

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