Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Gnawing on bones and celebrating life

If you heard a report of two fairly well dressed ladies "of a certain age" gnawing on bones at Ellerbe's (for non-Fort Worthians, that's one of our more upscale--read expensive--restaurants), I confess to being one of them. Went with good friends Betty and Jeannie tonight for our annual Christmas celebration and gift exchange--oops! I didn't realize we were exchanging gifts and had only trinkets while they had lovely, thoughtful gifts. Thought we had agreed before not to do that. Anyway, we had a good visit, great wine (Laird Vineyards which Betty had visited and was enthusiastic about) and a terrific supper. Betty had redfish, but Jeannie and I zeroed in on the rack of lamb. When we had cut as much as we could off the bones, she said, "I wish I could just pick it up and gnaw on it." I thought, Why not?, and picked mine up. She followed suit--and I know I got a lot more meat. The lamb was crispy on the outside and a perfect medium rare inside--what a delight. For dessert, I had a small but oh so rich piece of flourless chocolate cake and they shared an oatmeal cookie with cream cheese filling--looked more like a slice of carrot cake to me. Great evening, great food, and very special company.

The dinner marked the end of my first day back in the outside world--went to the cleaners, hardware, the grocery and the Dollar Store (twice). Felt so efficient to run so many of the errands I worried about the whole time I was housebound. Two things I learned: every store in town is out of rock salt, and doilies are old-fashioned. No one carries them any more. Such a pity. In the Dollar Store the clerk didn't know what I was talking about and offered me tissue paper. No, sweetie, that won't do it.

My driveway is still ice, even after temperatures of 42 today, but Jordan pulled my car up to the back gate where everything has melted due to southern exposure, so getting in and out was a piece of cake, even carrying too many sacks of groceries.. For some time, before I went, a police car blocked off the street just in front of my house and I worried about getting out. I think a water main broke and froze at the other end of the block. But I still didn't feel comfortable walking down the driveway to get Jacob. The street and sidewalks in front of the school are fine--just not my driveway. I am indebted to neighbors with young children who have brought him home to me.
We did homework, but he begged to do his new advent calendar, and we discovered we hadn't found the calendar itself, so we had eleven days to catch up on (his parents have been married nine years today--where does time go?). We did four days until Mom came, and then she was upset we hadn't finished homework. But the calendar--the Jacqui Lawson Edwardian Calendar--sure is fun.
I'm a happier camper tonight..

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