Saturday, December 07, 2013

Icebound: Day Two

What else is there to say? It's getting old. It looks like pretty snow, but that's deception. It's ice, through and through. I admire people who walk on it--saw more pedestrians than cars on the street today. But I'm not even setting foot on the front porch.. I do not need a broken hip. When I should be doing things at home, all I can think about is the shopping and errands on my list that I should have done today. Jacob and I have spent the day "doing our own thing"--except for the Baylor game, he's pretty much been watching videos. I've done some work at my computer but nothing is urgent and engages me. I've read a lot and tried to think of meals for a fussy seven-year-old.
My adventure with the furnace this morning was a little harrowing. You may have read on Facebook that the temperature in the house was down to 66 by the time I got phone directions for fixing it.  So far, it's stayed toasty and warm--well as toasty as an old house with lots of old glass windows can be. My printer righted itself too. Both just required turning off and then turning on again, but I never would have dared do that to the furnace without the direction of a professional.
The outlook for the next couple of days is bleak--at best four hours above freezing tomorrow; almost all church services in the city cancelled. Cold temperatures. Monday not a lot better, and it will take warmer temps and some sun to melt all this ice.
Lethargy overtakes me on days like this. There are many thing to do, but somehow I just want to read or curl up in my bed. Hope my energy returns with better weather.
Stay safe and warm, please.

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