Monday, December 09, 2013

Icebound: Day 4

Like much of North Texas, I'm still trapped at home. It was supposed to be above freezing--slightly--for five hours today but it doesn't look like much around here melted. The street is clear in the middle and I might be okay if I could make it from the front door to the garage--but the porch and driveway are still ice. My son-in-law is trapped at home because his car is in the garage and the gate is frozen. Jordan parked on the street but swears her car moved a bit during the night. Scary stuff.
Today I had a furnace repairman for company--my only human contact, other than phone stuff. Jacob went home last night, and I miss him though I'm a bit glad to be relieved of worrying about how bored he is and what to feed him.
I've gotten past the iced-in lethargy and gotten a lot done the last couple of days. Jacob and I straightened the playroom and targeted several toys to be given away, pending his mom's approval. He really took the minimalist position and wanted to discard some things that have sentimental value. His question was "What?" I've gotten some chores down that I thought I need the kids help on--polished a huge and badly tarnished silver tray (that was a project) and the repairman took down the defective garland from the door.
When I most need to do yoga, I always put it off. But I did it this morning and felt better for it. Didn't feel it was my best workout ever but maybe tomorrow will be better.Tonight I have several projects on my desk, which always pleases me.
I've decided being iced in teaches you patience--we all know that feeling of "Will this ever melt?"--but it also teaches you gratitude. I'm in a warm house, plenty of food (though I'm really ready for a restaurant meal), plenty to do, and a loyal dog for company. She follows me from room to room. Is she checking on what I'm doing? Now she's settled in "her" chair opposite my desk, curled into a little ball and cozy as she can be. Later tonight, she'll go to her bed for tummy rubs, but then she'll wander off and tomorrow morning I'll find her curled up in her chair. No newspaper for four days but I can keep up with the world on television and the Internet. Mail today for the first time since Thursday--two pieces so insignificant it wasn't worth opening the front door to get them. I heard of a friend whose furnace has been out since Friday and it got down to 16 in their house--yes, I'm grateful and praying for them and others. Part of my neighborhood lost power last night but not my street--again, I'm grateful.
Tomorrow, it is supposed to melt quite a bit. I have a tentative plan to go to dinner with a friend, and Wed. night I have plans for a Christmas celebratory dinner with two friends--even made a reservation.
Surely this is going to melt and we can get back to normal. I just pray it isn't a forecast for the winter to come.

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Cinder Blog said...

Imagine this for 6 months! It's one reason I came back to Texas. Of course, it looks like I brought the cold weather with me. Sorry. :)