Saturday, August 25, 2012

Uabashadly a grandmother

This is purely a grandmother blog--with a alittle bit of doggy thrown in, so if that bores you, click away now. I enjoyed way too much of my own company this past week, so it was a joy to have Jacob spend last night. When he came in from day camp I said I had a surprise--chocolate peanut butter (I'd never heard of such until I saw it in a recipe) spread on apple slices--he loved it, asked for sparkling cider to go with it. For dinner? More choclate peanut butter, with honey, in a sandwich--sounded cloying or too sweet or something so I started him on a half, and he said that was enough--plus five raspberries. After saying he wanted to stay home and eat ice cream, he decided he'd like to go for frozen custard at Curley's--and when he got there, he wanted a hot dog with ketchup. He ate the whole thing and about half a cup of chocolate custarad--while I wolfed down a waffle cone with vanilla. We sat outside in a really pleasant little area that he thought would be perfect for an Easter egg hunt. Yes, I sprayed him thoroughly with Deep Woods Off!
He and Sophie spent the rest of the evening in my office. Jacob said some people don't talk much, but he does and Poppy (his grandfather) said that was healthy. Jacob proceeded to demonstrate how healthy he is. I got little to no work done, and he kept asking me to pull up hurricane pictures. All I found were maps of Isaac's progress.
This morning, after a lazy start, it was off to the bookstore where he showed me at least 25 things I could get him for his birthday--not until next June, thank you--but we only bought the fourth Wimpy Kids book (he'd seen the movie) and one 100-piece puzzle. He saw a pack of three puzzles, but I convinced him it was best to start on one. Then to Central Market where we bought Jacob stuff--more sparkling cider, maple syrup for his waffles, baked puffed rice for after-school, and a marvelous cupcake that said ABC and had a ruler on it. By the time we got it home, it had fallen sideways and the icing was all mushed. He ate it with relish.
Throughout  our visit he was a gentleman, telling me ladies go first and stepping back--his dad has been drilling that into him. Knowing I sometimes have trouble with steps, he asked if I wanted him to hold my hand. He said "Thank you," "Please," and all the other polite things we hope our kids will say. Maybe this is what happens because I haven't had him much at all this summer. Hope it will last into the school year.
Sophie is having a traumatic time--she's lost her buddy. He never let her in his doghouse, but she perched on the roofed porch, especially when he was sick.She was guarding him And she's housebound because of the house painters--which should only last one more week. But as a result she's lost her house manners--peed in the house four times, pooped once. I talked to the dog trainer, and he said to go back to a training schedule, letting her out every two hours. The painters will have to cope. Tonight I tossed a rope-and-ball toy for her, but she was much more interested in coming in the house. I'm back  to keeping her in my office instead of giving her the run of the house. She's getting lots more love and attention, so my theory is she shouldl enjoy it. The trainer said however it's not unsual for a dog to grieve for six months--it's now been two weeks. And, which will relieve some of my children, he said a second dog is not the answer. He even suggested I might be happier and find it easier to have only one dog.

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