Wednesday, August 08, 2012

In a stew

I'm stewing in my own stew tonight. Have spent three days working at my computer without much break and much human company, although I did go out for dinner two nights. But I'm a bit tired of myself and my manuscript. Spent today re-reading the 40,000 words I've written--and, in revising, picked up almost 900 words plus some ideas for where it's going next. So that's the good news. No title yet. I think you forget, between novels, what hard work writing 70,000 words is. I'm sure remembering this time.
The really good news is that my old dog is doing much better with his balance and his back legs. This morning, he went down the steps to the yard, by himself, without falling, and last night, when I left the door open and went back to the kitchen, he came in by himself. I no longer use a towel as a sling to hold up his back legs. He's still shaky about the stairs and loses footing on the wood floors, but he pretty much doesn't collapsewith his legs splayed out. Tonight he was a little less certain, but it was thundering and that always scares him. And it doesn't help outside that the young dog thinks his back end is her private trampoline. Whenever she gets excited, she jumps on him. His legs buckle, but he doesn't go down. Our wonderful vet told me the other day that we probably had 95% of the improvement we could expect. I called them today and said we got the other 5%.
Tomorrow is another work day, but with the anticipation of a pleasant lunch with good friends.

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