Friday, August 17, 2012

One of those days

Some days the gods seem determined to test your mettle. This has been one of those days. Woke early, because I knew I had to rush in the morning; up at 6:30, out the door at 7:45 to the VW dealership to leave my car--expensive repairs!--and pick up a loaner. Got a haircut, went to Central Market, and all seemed well, though the house was teeming with people when I came home--Socorro was cleaning, painters were scraping and sanding, Greg came to mow but couldn't do the back yard because of the painters, a/c repairman came for yearly check (not cheap either). And then Socorro said the bathtub wouldn't drain. After she left and I looked I got the full impact of what she was saying--two to three inches of filthy, brown standing water. Called the plumber--they promised to make me next on the list. Plumber was here by three, but what I thought would be short and sweet was not. Two hours and one more plumber later they said they'd be back tomorrow. Never did get to the VW dealership so I still have the loaner--a nice new bug, but not near as nice as my convertible.
So tomorrow I have to rush up to VW at nine, to be home by nine-thirty for the plumber. Meantime I can flush the two commodes and use the bathroom sinks. I cannot use the kitchen sink, bathtub, or washing machine--somehow they're all hooked together. Because of whatever blockage, when I washed the cleaning rags Socorro had used, the draining water backed up in the tub. (I really should have put my hearing aids in so I could better understand this explanation).
Things I don't  understand: if I made the VW appt. a week ago and got there at eight o'clock, why was it one o'clock before they worked on my car? And five o'clock before they called to say I had a headlight out (had taken the car in for window repair). If the painters are so neat and careful, why do plumbers leave a gate open and unlocked (dog hazard), leave parts on the bathroom floor (another dog hazard) and track leaves in all over? They're  really nice guys, and I'm grateful, but I'm struck by the difference.
I thought I was so exhuasted I would skip Jordan's potluck but after a short nap, I put Sophie out--she poor thing had spent way too much of this confusing day in her crate. Put on makeup, a clean shirt, grabbed my corn and bean salad and went to Jordan's, watching dark storm clouds. Jordan showed me on her phone that a big storm was headed our way and said I was not to drive home until it was over. Of course I began to fret about Sophie, though she is not scared of storms as Scooby was. Made myself a take-home supper plate and came back through a nice, steady but gentle rain. Apparently in other parts of town there were hail and high winds. I was greeted by a very wet dog.
Tomorrow night I have  company coming for supper, and I've planned a nice antipasto light meal--but honest, I need a functioning kitchen to do it!
I think I'll just burrow under the covers early and forget the world till morning. Supposed to rain again tomorrow. Praise be! Love the rain, hate the plumbing and car problems.

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