Thursday, August 09, 2012

My cancelled day

This morning I decided, about five in the morning, to cancel the day. I'd been awake all night and made  more than a few trips to the bathroom. That uneasy feeling I've had in my stomach for two days finally erupted. Unpleasantly. I mentally cancelled my yoga routine, my obligation to myself to write a certain number of words, and I made a note in my head to email the friends I was going to lunch with. There was nothing I absolutely had to do today.
Once I really got up, a little  before seven, I thought my stomach had finally calmed down, so I ate toast and tea so that I could take my daily pills. Then I put the dogs out, did some email work, read the paper, and went back to bed for over an hour. Got up feeling better, and Jordan, bless her, brought me steaming hot homemade soup from Carshon's Deli. So good, so soothing. I worked for a while, both chores and writing, and took a two-and-a-half-hour nap--sleeping some, dozing some. Not sure if this was a bug or something I ate, but I sure didn't like it. I think with a good night's sleep, I'll be a new person tomorrow. But insomnia is a fairly recent visitor to me, and I'm hoping it doesn't return tonight.
In spite of a down, cancelled day, I am pretty proud of my accomplishments: did laundry, changed the bed linens, ran the dishwasher, showered and shampooed, and wrote slightly over 2,000 words. Starting tomorrow, the weekend looks busy, and I won't get to do that, so it's good to have it all done.

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