Thursday, August 02, 2012

A grandmother's saga, part II

The fun continues. This morning we went to the pediatrician. Jacob does not have impetigo.  The very pleasant doctor said it looked like bug bites to him. Thirty-five (conservative estimate) between the time I dropped him off yesterday and the time I picked hm up--and he wasn't scheduled to be outside because of the heat. Bribery: I promised him if he' be sweet, I'd get him a Happy Meal--thought I found a McDonald's fairly close to the doctor's office, but it turned out to be one inside a hospital. Didn't want to park and go in, so we ended up going way out to Jacob's house to the one on Bryant Irvin. But he was happy. Wouldn't go back to day camp and probably should have because he was sort of a nuisance (did a loving grandmother say that?) all afternoon. He needed to burn off some energy. We went for Mexican food with Aunt Betty but Jacob wasn't hungry. I was strict about nothing else all night, so about 8:30 he ate some the rest of his taco, beans and rice. Now the child is bathed, clothes are in the dryer, and he just whispered a secret to me: "I love you." Makes it all worthwhile. But the grandmother is sort of tired.
I haven't written a word all day, but I don't figure 9:30 is the time to start. Guess I'll read while those clothes dry. It's quiet and peacful--what a blessing.

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