Monday, September 20, 2010

Waiting for Godot

Or suspended animation. Or waiting for the other shoe to drop. All of those are how I felt today. Last week was really busy, the weekend even more so, and I told myself Monday I'd start all over again. But this morning I thought, "On what?" My food book is with the editor, and I've heard nothing about the other two posssible projects headed my way. The answer of course would be to dig right in and get to work on my novel--but it's hard to get back to after I've been away from it so long and while I'm anticipating being drawn away again. So I piddled this morning, did a laundry, did my yoga, answered emails. Then lunch with Fred, where we mostly talked about the current state of the world and I had a great tongue sandwich. Then this afternoon I read, figured out a menu for next Sunday night for a welcome for the new neighbors, and napped. I can distract myself all day going through recipes. Close to the end of the mystery I was reading so I finished it tonight. Really should write character descriptions of the primary people in the novel, and maybe I'll start on that. Also I have a review book on my desk. Not as though I don't have things to do--I just don't know which one to start or where or why.
Good supper tonight. I snitched some chopped chicken liver at the end of last night's party, maybe two tablespoonsfull but enough that I could tell I was eating schmaltz. So good. But to counter all that fat and bad organ meet, I had a half ear corn and a half of a yellow squash. Split the squash, cleaned out the seeds, spread with olive oil, and grilled it until charred and soft. Then brushed it with a mix of sherry vinegar and fresh oregan, and topped it with panko crumbs that I'd sauteed in olive oil with garlic and just a bit of crushed red pepper. Really good--I'll try that one again. And much easier on the diet than the cheesy casserole I usually make of yellow squash.
Today it was only 92 and cooler weather is supposedly in the near future. Can't wait. We've been blessed with plenty of rain, but this heat has been unreal.

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