Thursday, September 23, 2010

Oh, what a day it's been!

You know that song? "Oh, what a day it's been! What a wonderful day!" That's not the song I feel like singing tongiht.This morning I ran errands--my former office, liquor store for those nice plastic plates, hardware for shower hooks (hate those fancy plastic ones and got old-fahioned metal), and grocery. It was relatively cool, and I put all the windows down--so neat that on a convertible  you can do that with one button. But I noticed the rear right window didn't go all the way up--it would go part way and then pop down. As soon as I got home, I called VW and they could work me in and get the car back to me tonight. Then the service assistant or whatever called to say it would be $406.99 plus tax. I said, "Well, we have to do it." Tonight, as I drove off the lot, with a list saying they'd checked every inch and function of the car including windows, the left rear window didn't go up. It went farther, and I'm pretty sure it would be hard for anyone to break into the car--but it is supposed to rain all weekend. If it waits until tomorrow afternoon, I'm home free--won't use the car Sat. or Sunday as far as I know. When I called the service assistant said it needs the same thing--there goes $800 for car windows! And I was so pleased to get off light for the passenger side mirror a couple of weeks ago! A friend told me she loved her VW until the extended warranty expired and everything started going wrong. I hope to heaven that's not what's happening to me--I intend to drive this car until the kids take the keys away. It's only got 22,000 miles on it; Susan next door has 96,000 on hers and it's not a VW--aren't they supposed to last forever?
Came home, did my chores, and treated myself to a ground sirloin sandwich!
My animals are developing bad habits. In the evening, Scooby dumps his food all over the back steps. Usually in the morning, it's gone, and last night I actually caught a possum eating it, while Scooby lounged in his dog house. But tonight, since I hadn't done chores earlier, I was out there with him when he ate, and he ate every bite. Do you suppose the poor old man just wants sociability with his meal?
Wywy on the other hand thinks I should feed her every time I stand up from my desk or go near the bathroom, where her food is served on a high counter to keep it from Scoob. I know she can jump up there, because I've caught her eating in the middle of the night if I get up to use the facilities. But when I'm around she sits on the seat halfway up and looks pitiful. If the food is not fresh, she turns away and looks even more pitiful. Sometimes I take it to the kitchen, stir it up, and bring it back--she often eats it. I think I have spoiled my animals.
Writing? What's that? Actually going to tackle that book review tonight.

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