Saturday, September 04, 2010

Cool evenings and lazy days

An absolutely perfect night for supper on the front porch--temperature just right, a slight breeze, good friends, good food. Above, left to right are my neighbor Susan, Weldon who had a harem tonight unless you count Jacob, Jordan, Jacob, and Elizabeth (Beth), my longtime friend, yoga teacher, co-teacher of writing classes and former student--and also Weldon's wife. We had traditional Labor Day food--hot dogs, potato salad, beans, a bean and veggie dip that Jordan made, a grape and cheese platter from Susan and quinoa salad from Elizabeth. They are on gluten, dairy, sodium free diets (there's one other thing but I can't remember it). Anway, the quinoa, which I was always leery of and never could learn to pronounce, was really good. I made that County Line potato salad that I'm so enamored of--the distinguishing taste is dill pickle relish, and it makes it so good. It's not non-fattening--lots of sour cream and mayo, though I used low-fat in both cases. Still I had more than one helping today. Compensated by not eating a bun with my hot dog. Susan and I were standing on the porch looking at my cactus plant that is, I think, growing new cacti when I felt this swat on my bottom. I turned around and Jacob asked, "Is there 'ssert?" He got an ice cream cup.
Lazy day--no work, except housework, and much reading of a good novel. I am a huge fan of Carolyn Hart and just finished her Christie Caper, which I thought was really one of her most suspenseful, with a surprising twist. At the back was a teaser for Southern Ghost, which I immediately ordered for my Kindle and now I can't put it down. Wish I wrote like that.
I've lost track, but here's the latest cat report: the cat is eating ravenously, but I have to mix a little tuna in with the kidney diet food. Sleeps on my desk sometimes, but really really likes his new hidey-hole in the closet. I showed Jacob, on demand, but said he must never touch the cat when its in there.
A pleasant day. And I have no plans to get ambitious tomorrow either! Life is good. I like the phrase, "It is well with my soul."

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