Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Rain--and a persistent worry

A rainy day--the kind where you look like a wet puppy no matter what you do. Sometimes it was a light drizzle, other times it came down pretty hard. Either way it's welcome. The humidity was awfully high, so it felt muggy even though the temperature wasn't that high--and then when you came into air conditioning, it was cold. When I drove into VW's service bay everyone was cautioning about how slippery the wet floor was, and if I heard it once, I heard ten times, "I would want you to fall." I didn't. One service counselor was using a crutch--I waved my cane at him and told him we matched. Amazingly, my mirror was replaced within 45 minutes and cost $88, which wasn't as bad as I expected. I will now be more careful coming out of that narrow garage, though I do think having lived here seventeen years and never done that before is pretty good. This morning, with the mirror still broken, I almost veered into the fence on my side of the car.
I am terribly concerned about the wave of Muslim hate sweeping across this country. I understand that hate has unfortunately been a part of our history--of African Americans, of Jews, of the Japanese during WWII. It's like we never learn--or at least some of us don't. I worry about those Muslims who are good American citizens--for their safety, for their mental peace. And I am appalled by the minister in Florida who threatens to burn copies of the Koran on September 11--what a terribly inappropriate and dangerous way to remember those who died. I'm not one to wear those bracelets with WWJD on them, but I do wonder if those dedicated churchgoers in Florida really think Jesus would approve of the book burning. I'll be glad when Saturday is over--peacefully, I hope.
And I can't help wondering why this Muslim hate surfaces now, nine years later. Is it because some falsely accuse our president of being Muslim. That he's not doesn't seem to register with them. But what if he were? There's no law, nor nothing in our constitution, that specifies the faith of the president.
Oh my, sometimes the world really is too much with us!

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