Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mostly food--and a lot of rain

This morning was a lovely day to be inside--almost dark, constant rain, thunder and lightning. I piddled, had to put the dog out for nature's call, but only stuck my own head out enough to empty garbage and get the paper. Christian and I planned to take Jacob to the deli for  lunch, but I didn't want to get out, didn't want to put make-up on. I said I had lunches for Jacob (pbj or grilled cheese) but I didn't have much that would appeal to Christian--my lunch supply consists of gravlax and salmon, tuna, liverwurst, hummus, and hearts of palm. Christian was quick to say not to worry about him--he'd eat a bigger meal just before he goes to work because it's a long time then until he can eat again. I laughed, because I knew none of what he calls my odd tastes would appearl to him. He did stop and get a Happy Meal for Jacob and the accoutrements have kept him busy all day. He actually fell asleep watching TV when I was prepared to think the best I could hope for was a "body rest," as he calls it.
Jacob and I had kosher hot dogs and baked beans for dinner, but I spent some time today cooking for tomorrow. I'm going to make pinto beans the old-fashioned way that I learned probably 30 or more years ago. You soak them overnight, then fry salt pork and onion together (that brown from frying really adds to the taste), and then throw in five bouillion cubes while the beans are cooking. I fried the salt pork and onions tonight. I had a hard time finding salt pork in the grocery--I guess in this health-conscious age we don't cook with it.
I also made a marinade of beef broth, low sodium soy, lemon juisce and garlic for the brisket--which is really too big for the pan. When I first put it in the fridge to marinate I had marinade all over the floor and the inside of the fridge. I opted out of adding the liquid smoke--just want the pure beef taste. Sounds good to me. I'll cook it a lot longer than the recipe said.
Just looked up and the child I thought I had put to bed was sitting on the couch watching me. I hustled him back to bed. He'd had a stomach problem much of the day and occasionally cried that he wanted his daddy to fix his bottom. A big poop took care of that. But the downside is now, at almost ten o'clock, he's feeling wide awake and frisky. I'm not.

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