Saturday, September 18, 2010

Long but satisfying day

Jacob woke me before I was really ready to get up this morning. I opened one eye to see this smiling face and hear "It's get-up time, Juju." No solution: I got up. We sort of piddled the morning away--Jacob playing and finally settling down to TV (after eating two waffles and a yogurt), me obsessing about getting ready to go to Dallas in the early afternoon and getting the house ready for tomorrow night. Jordan did not help by saying there was some smell she couldn't identify and be sure to light candles. Then she ran a finger over the buffet and indicated it needed dusting--I expected white gloves next. They got Jacob into his soccer clothes--the picture above is when he was sort of half dressed and a bit grumpy about it. Pictures from the game were so cute. I had hoped they'd email one, but they just posted them on Facebook. Apparently he is #9, which his cousin Emily says is a lucky number, and according to his father he played hard. After one practice. I'm not sure how hard four-year-olds play soccer.
I had a really really early lunch, followed by an early nap during which I slept soundly. Was ready to go when Memie Hardy came to pick me up for the drive to Dallas. We don't know each other well but had a great visit on all our driving around and waiting in bookstores today.
We went to a signing and talk by Debra Monroe for her new book, On The Outskirts of Normal (SMU Press), which has gotten rave reviews in all the big national review outlets. It chronicles her adoption, as a single Anglo woman, of a newborn African-American infant. The girl is now thirteen, and the light of Debra's life. I came home with a copy of the book to review for the Story Circle Network. I'm sure the book will be as honest and forthright and humorous as the talk was today.
Afterward Kathie Lang  Allen, senior editor at SMU Press and my good friend, gave a magnificent dinner party. I met all kinds of interesting people I'd never known before, saw a couple of old friends, and ate scrumptious food--Memie had made two cheese/curry dips, one with chutney and green onions that I could have made a meal of. Dinner was tomato aspic, beef tenderloin with horseradish sauce and fresh yeast rolls (I couldn't believe I ate two), cheese grits, and asparagus. I swore I wouldn't eat dessert, but the chocolate cheesecake was too good to resist a small piece.
Kathie served a seated dinner, although buffet, for about twenty-three. I laughed that I am serving pot-luck to about thirty tomorrow but they will get disposable plates and flatware (I actually recycle the latter) along with small plastic wine glasses. Kathie likes to get out her good pieces and use them--I am much more casual, though I'm so glad I know someone who puts on proper dinner parties. Dinner at Kathie's is always a treat, and her husband Rick was a gracious host and bartender.
But for me, seven hours away from home was a long time. I was ready to feed my animals, check my email, read Facebook, and relax. I think I'm addicted to e-mail and Kindle, but that's another blog, another time.

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