Monday, August 30, 2010

A new baby, a cat, and what defines TexMex?

My niece and her husband welcomed a second baby girl into their family this morning--Madeleine Elizabeth McClain joins big sister Emery. Madeleine weighed six something lbs. and was 18" inches long--a dainty girl, which is nice since her mom and sister are both dainty. These really are the years of babies in our family--though my brother now has the two youngest grandchildren and with a total of five has almost caught up to my seven.
My big accomplishment was to take the cat to the vet for flea treatment. Wynona spends his days and nights on my desk. Cats always pick a favorite spot and it usually changes every six months or so. Not this time--the desk, according to him, is his. But I began to find this fine black grit on the desk, a sure sign of fleas and particularly disturbing since that's where I eat when I'm home alone--I wore my hands out disinfecting the desk two or three times a day. So tonight, at some cost, the cat is bathed, medicated and flea free. And nowhere near my desk. I think he's mad at me for taking him to the vet. I know he's in the house but I have no idea where.
My project for tonight is to write up the history of Whataburger, the hamburger chain that began in a kiosk in Corpus Christi in 1950. Now 60 years old, it is one of the largest and most praised chains in the country. But then I'm going on to study TexMex--and just how do you define that? I'm  having such fun with this food book.

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